Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Steam Machine Not Rival PS4 And Xbox One

The latest generation of gaming consoles PS4 and Xbox One today is crowded so the conversation. But behind it turns out there is ready to shake up the gaming console dominance both.

Introduced as Steam Machine, Valve  gaming console filmed now in the testing phase of the lucky 300 testers. Interestingly, of the 300 Steam Machines which carries all of the specifications tested different innards .

Curious, one of the testers are believed to test Steam Machines also dismantle the console game. When disassembled revealed Steam Machines innards look like the innards of a PC in general.

Components such as processor, hard drive until end graphics cards commonly found on PCs will be found behind the casing Steam Machines.

Even so, the differences Steam Machines with a PC located on the operating system that relies on Steam OS. In addition, the version of Steam Machines used in the testing phase is also said to have not entered the final stage.

When the testing process ends, new valve will decide which of the Steam Machines 300 is tested to eventually be selected as the final version.

Based on previous information, would not have a Steam Machine is a game with its own format but rely on regular base PC game that will be customized specifically to run optimally on Steam OS operating system.

Excess Steam other OS is also located on the controller sticks that look different with a pair of round-shaped track pad on the right and the left, replacing the analog sticks and buttons are present on the regular game controller sticks usual.

Controller sticks steam machine
controller sticks steam machine
Follows Machines Steam unloading action performed by one examiner.


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