Saturday, October 8, 2011

12 Tip Typing For Blackberry

Typing we use Blackberry certainly not the least time spent to do the typing. Moreover, excellent features Blackberry Messenger and Email are also some frequently used applications such as SMS and Note not far from the action of typing. Make frequent use of a computer typing, would be familiar with some shortcuts that can be used to simplify and speed up typing, for example, Ctrl-C to copy, Ctrl + V to paste and so on. For the Blackberry as a smart phone should be able to take over most of the tasks the computer also has a shortcut for easier typing.

* To end a sentence with a dot, press the space bar twice in quick succession. In addition to that in the end kalaimat point, the following letter which is typed automatically

* To type a capital letter, press the letter on intent to enter into a capital letter typing.

* To turn on Num Lock, press the Alt and Shift Left. Num Lock symbol will appear right corner of the screen.

* To use the Num Lock, press the Alt and Shift Left. Num Lock symbol will appear right corner of the screen.

* To disable the Num Lock and Caps Lock, press either Shift key.

* To insert at sign (@) or dot (point /.); When typing an email address, simply press the space bar.

* To perform a selection of keystrokes per character, hold down the shift key and wipe the trackball/trackpad to the left and right.

* To perform a selection of keystrokes per character, hold down the shift key and wipe the trackball/trackpad to the left and right.

* To cancel the selection of a typed, press the escape key.

* To Cut selected keystrokes, press the Shift key and delete.

* For a typed copy of a selected, press the Alt key and click Trackball/Trackpad.

* To Paste a set on Cut/Copy, press the shift key and click Trackball/Trackpad.

In addition to some shortcut, also can type a few words below that will automatically be replaced with information about Blackberry devices:

* Myver will be replaced with the information model and version of the Blackberry operating system used.

* Mypin will use with your Blackberry PIN information.

* Mynumber will be replaced with the information phone number that is used.

* LT will be replaced with timing information (clock) time in accordance with the Blackberry handset.

* LD will be replaced with the date information in accordance with the date on the Blackberry.


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