Thursday, January 8, 2015

Smartwatch LG Select WebOS

Smartwatch LG Select WebOS
Smartwatch LG Select WebOS

After Samsung prefers to use Tizen on smartwatch homemade, now turn the shift LG Android Wear and relying on WebOS. Wearable gadgets it had successfully seized the attention of visitors Computer Electronic Show (CES) in 2015.

Unlike other smartwatch are still dependent on the smartphone, wearable gadgets that supposedly has the type LG-W120L is mentioned as being able to walk on his own. This was evidenced from multiple applications inside of which is a dialer and messaging applications, there is also an icon of cellular signals.

In addition, users will also find a music player application, email, remote shutter, find my phone, to fitness applications Health W. That is probably smart watches it also has embedded some fitness sensors such as heart rate detection, and others.

However, one of the applications that are also used by LG is the appeal of the Audi application. A duet with the German car manufacturer, the LG-W120L also be able to connect with smart systems in the Audi. There are several lists of Audi cars in the application to allow users when trying to connect.

In addition to using stainless steel material, LG has also equipped smartwatches it with a screen sapphire. LG immerse processor quad core Snapdragon 400.

Not to there is information the matter of price and also its availability. However when see from excess who owned, price which offered seemed to will incoming in the category of smartwatch upscale.

also marks the return WebOS presence in the realm of consumer devices. Which it is also reinforced by the re-emergence will wear formerly Palm WebOS into the smartphone business, although not necessarily also will re-use the Palm WebOS.

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